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The advantages of working with us

The self-employment

High Share on Sale

Yes, you read that correctly. It's not that you are getting your Share on Profit but that you are getting it on Sale. So, what's the difference. There exists a big difference. Our product ranges from Rs.5,000 to Rs.15,000. Let's assume that you sold a product of Rs.5000 and the total profit the company get is Rs.750. So, your percentage is not on Rs.750 rather it is on Rs.5000. On the other side, if the company does not get profit, so also you get your share.

Lifetime Recurrings

Yes, you read that correctly again. It's a Subscription Based Business. Lets try to elaborate what does this means. You might have d2h connection in your home; when it is sold, price is paid for product; thereafter, every month a subscription price is paid. Just like that when our product is sold, for 1st year the price is for product plus one year free subscription, and then from 2nd year onward it is to be renewed. And you are getting your share for all these.

Work for Good Cause

If you don't have, try to have the understanding of this product. This business is not about selling a luxury or comfort product. Rather this product will bring positive differences in the buyer life. An indivisual can track his/her physically challenged family member, He/She can monitor his/her college going children reaching safely at the destination. A car owner can identify the misuse of vehicle and fuel. A travel agency can arrage a nearest available car quickly for the customer. A logistic business executive can track and answer to lot of customer query. Some 3 or 4 or even more vehicle drivers can go togather and become a travel agency. There is a long list...

Pride of Giving

A percentage of the sale you do, will be donated by the company. Every sale you make will strengthen the Education somewhere, will contribute to the better care of Oldage people somewhere, will ensure a better future of the nation somewhere by a contribution for Children.

Low Running Cost

This business requires to bear expenses mainly for mobile phone and device wire connection. Device wiring can be done by any one with a small guidance. There can be small incidental costs sometimes, otherwise these are all negligible expenses. No rental accommodation is necessary. No need to hire people, it can be operated single-handedly. No loan needs to be taken.

Business & Dignity

This is a kind of business, people love to do. No need to beg for the sale to anyone. No need to beg for sales target slippage. No need to beg for leaves. No need to resign from the existing job. No complex business process. No strict working hours. No ad cost, the company does the required awareness via digital media.

The Knowledge base

A store of information that helps you understand the product & platform

  • ...An overview of NtGpsOts
  • ...Buying guide for GPS tracking device

The change around you

The change you will bring in your life by opting this product & platform

  • ...Teen reaching safely
  • ...Driver driving rightly
  • ...Fuel consumed effectively
  • ...Statutory safety compulsion

The self-employment

A team of 700+ Channel Partners are required & the countdown has begun

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  • ...The advantages of working with us

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