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What is NtGpsOts in short

NtGpsOts is an Object Tracking System (OTS) using Global Positioning System (GPS), It collects the fleet data with geo coordinates of the objects, And builds comprehensive picture, information, report, alarm & analysis. An object can be anything that moves.

What can be tracked and managed

Anything that can move and pass through Cellular Network can be Tracked & Managed. There can be a long list of such moving objects i.e. Car, Taxi, Bus, Ambulance, Truck, Ship, Train, Subway, Plane, Jet, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Wheelchair, Human, Animal etc.

What is the prerequisites

To get your GPS Object Tracking Device connected and have access to the platform, you need few arrangements. They are:

  • Mobile Sim: You need to insert a GPRS enable sim with data pack, the sim can be a 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G sim. Instead of a postpaid data sim, prepaid is cost effective as well as it is good for advance devices.
  • Power Supply: The device needs DC power supply ranges 12v to 24v, some devices support 9v to 90v as well, the vehicle battery is the best source of power supply as its output is compatible.
  • Protocol: There exits a set of rules thereby the Device and Server talk to each other, the devices link/menu gives a list of supported devices, find yours in the list. We keep adding support for additional devices, call us if it's not in the list.

How to connect the device to the platform

Once you have a GPS Object Tracking Device with Supported Protocol, Mobile Sim and Power Supply. Following few things are done next:

  • Installation: This includes installation of sim, power supply, wirring of cables to ignition key, fuel relay, SOS unit & MIC unit.
  • Activation: Using your Mobile Sim and Device IMEI Number, your device is activated. And then it starts sending data to platform server.
  • Accessibility: A user id and a password is given to login and access the platform. The user should change the password after 1st login.

How does NtGpsOts work

The GPS Object Tracking Device collects the GPS coordinates and movement data from satellite, it also collects device generated event logs on real time basis and sends it to NtGpsOts server using GPRS carrier over cellular network. The server validates the data and stores it to database. User gets access to various tracking, flashback archieve, reports, analysis and alarm over web based responsive solution that is connected to this database.

What is better with NtGpsOts platform

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But do I really need this platform

Well! that's your choice.

When you buy GPS Tracking Device, the vendor details about how to get the latest geo location over SMS. And that's not all that you expected. Some of the vendors give you a very basic mobile app, for which they can not even maintain server for more than 6 months. Some of the vendors give you login against the IMEI number, hence you can not see all vehicle at one place for consolidated reports and analysis. Some of the vendors give you login on different server for different vehicles. Most of the vendors can not sell latest GPS Tracking Device even though it costs less, as their free and basic solution doesn't support it. It's not just enough to buy a GPS Tracking Device, there are a lot of technicalities connected to it.

A GPS Object Tracking Platform, like NtGpsOts, brings to you a lot of desired options from the same GPS Tracking Device. But there exits very rare number of GPS Object Tracking Platforms. NtGpsOts, is highly responsive, is fast enough, is most adaptive for the change, and has no known issue; all these makes it preferential platform both for families and corporates.

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