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This article will help the buyer to choose a right GPS tracking device. GPS Object Tracking has grown to a very advanced level over a period of time. While buying, it is necessary to know the device features as well as platform features. Here we would explore on the features of GPS tracking device.

Location tracking

Location tracking is a default feature of any GPS tracking device. The device sends geo cordinates not only to the target server but also to mobile on request by supported commands. It can be noted that GPS tracking and GPS navigation are two completely different things. They have different objectives, requirements and functions. GPS navigation is freely available with various mobile applications.

Realtime timespan

Now a days the GPS tracking devices are capable of sending the data on realtime basis. One can experience the vehicle, human or animal on move over the map. The time span must be between 10 seconds to 15 seconds. If the data is coming after 15 seconds then the purpose is not getting solved. Even on some special requirements the data might be required in lesser than 10 seconds. And a good device can do that.

Event notification

There exit a number of events inside the GPS tracking devices. These events help for various type of analysis and reports. All the safety and security aspects are measured with these only. Different devices can send different types of notification, it depends on the list of enabled and available features in it.

Status requesting

User can request for many things to the GPS tracking devices. Every request is sent in terms of a command to the device and in turn the device responses with the required information. If the user has not subscribed to any GPS tracking platform, this feature is the only way to talk to the devices.

Offline buffering

Normally GPS tracking devices sends the data to the server over cellular network using a GPRS or other carrier. When the vehicle, human or animal is moving through a no network area, then satellite data is missed. An advanced GPS tracking devices can store these data and can send immediately once the device come withing network range. These data has a significant role in various reports and analysis.

Inbuilt battery

A basic GPS tracking device never comes with a battery inside it. As it increases the device cost, few manufacturers try to avoid this feature. Without an inbuit battery, its major aspects and many other useful features can not be availed.

Geo fencing

User can set geo cordinates for safety, security and monitoring purpose to define a boundary for the vehicle, human or animal to move around. This is known as geo fencing and it ensures to send an alert whenever the devices goes beyond the fences.

Speed detection

Many reports and analysis are dependant on vehicle's moving speed. Although speed can be calculated by applying various logic but no data is enough to arrive an accurate vehicle speed. Therefore, it is necessary to have this feature in device itself.

Ignition detection

Any vahicle can have some or all of the switch i.e. 'lock', 'acc', 'on' and 'start' with vehicle key. Some GPS tracking devices can detect the on and off state of the vehicle when the vehicle key is turn to 'acc' switch or 'on' switch, which helps identifying theft.

Vibration detection

An important aspect of an advanced GPS tracking device is its anti-theft notification. Vibration detection feature ensures to notify when the vehicle is not ignified so also is moving or vibrating. This feature needs to be configured explicitly if available.

Tele cut off

Tele cut off is a way to stop fuel supply to the vehicle. It needs a separate accessary called relay. And involves careful wiring to connect with GPS tracking device. It is highly useful specially when someone taking away your vehicle and you need to stop it immediately.

Help & Panic alert

This is a next good thing for safety and security in advance GPS tracking devices. A panic button, usually suitable for car, can send an alert to registered mobile along with location details when it is pressed by people inside the car who are seeking help.

Voice monitoring

An advanced GPS tracking device can act like a voice transmitter. The user can call to the device on the number of the sim inside it, and listen the voice of people talking inside the vehicle without their knowledge. The call needs to be disconnected by the caller only.

Temper detection

An advanced GPS tracking device can identify the temper when it is removed from the vehicle. Just after the device is removed from the vehicle, it generate an event and sends it. This feature definitely plays a key role for theft prevention by the temper detection.

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