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The change around you

NtGpsOts brings a great change around you in your day to day life. It transformations the way you coordinate with your driving person. It adds value to the way you monitor them and helps you to a better driving by your driver. Implementing NtGpsOts in your life you actually ensure an implementation of technologies for ensuring driver driving rightly. Following are the key details:

Stay updated of root taken for the travel

You see the present location of your vehicle in real-time on move. Every 10 seconds or in less time, you get the update of vehicle's present location. Also you will have the historical data for a flashback. You can see the animated preview of the previous travels on road over map, along with area details, geo coordinates, speed etc. This helps you to take decision on what root needs to be selected for the travel to save time and money.

Stay assured of the accuracy of the message passed

Telling to going to some place and going to some other place can clearly be controlled. Similarly, intimation of the present location of the vehicle can no more be hidden. At what time, in what place, with what root the vehicle travelled or travelling will be enable transparent by NtGpsOts.

Suggest & guide your driver on driving speed

NtGpsOts enables various reports and analysis on driving speed. Whether overspeed or underspeed, you can retrive informations with your own parameters. This helps to reduces the risk involve in overspeed. It also helps to identify average time required to reach destination by improving the underspeed driving.

Suggest & guide your driver on driving pattern

NtGpsOts rightly reports and presents better analysis on driving behaviors. It gives helful information to control sudden break and sudden accelerations while driving. Sudden break and sudden accelerations lead to risky driving, high fuel cost and frequent maintenance.

Analyse uncertainties and arrange help

NtGpsOts details many things. And one can easily know the reason of unexpected delay of reaching destination. Similarly, root details, speed details, fuel details, location details, distance details and other details can be used to identify the risk and need of supplying the assistance.

Save money on fuel and maintenance

NtGpsOts tells you the travel distance as well as the fuel consumption. Adaption of shortest root reduces fuel consumption and select of safest root ensures less maintenance. This helps to save money on each of the travel.

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