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Teen reaching safely

The change around you

NtGpsOts brings a great change around you in your day to day life. It transformations the way you take care of you teens and family. It adds value to the way you care of them and helps you to a better parenting. Implementing NtGpsOts in your life you actually ensure an implementation of technologies for safety and security of them. Following are the key details:

Stay away from the physical presence

You see the present location of your teens in real-time on move. Every 10 seconds or in less time, you get the update of their present location. This helps you to give time to yourself and to your work. You do not need to be with them physically, yet you are aware where they are at.

Stay assured of actual location anytime

Not only, that you know the present location of your teens, but also you will have the historical data for a flashback. You can see the animated preview of the previous travels on road over map, along with area details, geo coordinates, speed etc.

Stay informed about safe passage

The big concerns, when the teens are going somewhere, is that whether they reached there or not? What time they reached at? Whether they are still on the way? Are they all right? NtGpsOts answers all such doubts. You will be able to know all the arrival and departure details as and when you want them.

Help them to improve to a better driving

There are lot of driving concerns that puts the rider at high risk, specially the teens. Overspeed, sudden breaks, sudden acceleration, wrong road root etc are the major concerns. NtGpsOts gives a lot of report, analysis and alarm; and one such thing in that is driver performance, where in driving behavior is detailed. These analysis helps you to guide and to improve their driving.

Analyse uncertainties and arrange help

Needless to say, it's a world with cellphone in every hand now and we can easily get the location details of our beloved ones just by a call. So also, calling the person in drive is harmful for the driving attention and is so for the driver as well. NtGpsOts details many things. And one can easily know the reason of unexpected delay of reaching destination. Similarly, root details, speed details, fuel details, location details, distance details and other details can be used to identify the risk and need of supplying the assistance.

Be prepared for adequate pocket money

NtGpsOts tells you the travel distance as well as the fuel consumption. This helps to identify the how much amount is needed for the travel of the day, accordingly you can be prepared for adequate pocket money to your teens.

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