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What is NtGpsOts..?

NtGpsOts is an Object Tracking System (OTS) using Global Positioning System (GPS), It collects the fleet data with geo coordinates of the objects, And builds comprehensive picture, information, report, alarm & analysis. An object can be anything that moves.

What can be Tracked..?

Anything that can move and pass through Cellular Network can be Tracked & Managed. There can be a long list of such moving objects i.e. Car, Taxi, Bus, Ambulance, Truck, Ship, Train, Subway, Plane, Jet, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Wheelchair, Human, Animal etc.

What is it Ideal for

Vehicle Tracking System
For car services, goods transport services, truck owners...
Personal Tracking System
For security to children, women, & mentally challenged...
Animal Tracking System
For pets & animals like dog, cat, horse, cattle, camel etc...

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