Key Features

Absolutely Realtime

The platform updates location, address, speed, direction, distance, duration, network strength, battery level, ignition status, charging status, cutoff status and datetime details in every 10 seconds or less. Real time move of vehicle, human or animal is dynamically plotted on map with animation.

Flashback Play

The platform records every real time details received from connected Gps Devices and archieves all GPS, HBT & LBS data. Its flashback feature enables real time animated preview of the past tours and travels of any selected period over map to give a flashback of historical data and events.

Report, Analysis & Alarm

The platform achieves all of these important aspects. Sensor reports on fuel, battery & ignition. Travel reports on mileage, stoppage, area & activity. Summary reports on fleet wise abstracts & day wise abstracts. Speed analysis on over speed and under speed. Performance analysis on driver performance & vehicle performance. Alarm on overview abstract & event log details.

Common Platform

It's an ideal platform for tracking and managing every moving object. The vehicle, human and animal can be placed together under a single signon. It plays a vehicle tracking system, a personal tracking system, and an animal tracking system all together.

Cloud Server

There is no performance dependancy at the server end. The platform is deployed on a cloud server so that it can handle any number of connected Gps Devices and Computer Devices. At any point of time resources like CPU, RAM, HDD and Bandwidth can be increased and optimised.

Device Integration

The platform supports a list of known Gps Devices and keeps on adding many more. It is also open for customisation for special cases on user request. It allows user for migrating his/her existing Gps Device to this platform for a better experience with great features.

Responsive Design

Responsive design helps a user to experience and avail every features of the solution in Cellphone, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop over latest Browser Application. It automatically adjusts its components to set best view. No need to install any app viz android, ios or windows application.

Interactive Interface

Every care has been taken to give a great user experience of highly interactive interface for ease of use. Right options are kept at right place for easy navigations. High level of consistency has been maintained throughout the input, output and real-time activity pages.

User Options

This platform extends options to user for vehicle related settings as well as options for selecting default vehicle, home page & map theme. Vehicle related settings includes many options such as vehicle number, vehicle type, driver name, mileage etc.

Sales & Services

Not only a user can subscribe the platform as a Gps Object Tracking Software Service, but also he/she has clear options to buy best Gps Devices from our Channel Partners to avail a localised support for any unknown issue and subscription renewal.

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