Key Benefits

Take Quick Action

The realtime tracking feature of the platform empowers the user to take quick action on wrong root taken, vehicle idleness, anti-theft measures, enabling of support to teens, oldage and differently able people.

See the Past on Move

The flashback play feature of the platform ensures the user to see the animated preview of the past tours and travels on move. It helps to recollect important information for references and evidences.

Implement Right Dicision

The platform is featured with a list of report, analysis & alarm. This is what a right decision expects as the most important input from a good automated system to implement measures of improvements.

Keep Objects Together

This system is designed to be a common platform to fulfill the needs of vehicle tracking, personal tracking and animal tracking altogether. All the moving objects can be kept and seen under a single signon.

Accessibility of 24x7

The platform is running on cloud server with enterprise resources. User can have seamless accessibility of 24x7 with a rare and negligible downtime. Every level of system maintenance is rightly automated.

Device Independent

A list of Gps Devices have already been integrated and is counting on. User can always choose from the list and buy his right device from his favorite vendor and subscribe to this platform for the best of it.

Freedom of Choice

The user interface of the platform is highly responsive. That means all features are similiar and available on all computing devices like desktop, laptop, tablet and cellphones. User can choose any computing device.

Easy to Use

The platform is featured with most interactive interfaces. Uniformities are maintained in every part of the interface to ease up user accessibilities and to avoid to memorise screens and functionalities.

Personalise Preferences

Personalised data are not kept static. User can set his/her preferences in the system and can independently update the changes required from time to time to reflect correct information in every part of it.

Buy from Us or Others

To subscribe to this platform the user is not enforced to buy the Gps Device from us only. He/she can always opt to buy from a desired market. And join this platform anytime from his existing provider.

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